One thing that was always noticeable on the BA fleet was the painted tails, from the early days with BOAC and the speed bird emblem BA embraced the Union flag, it enhanced all the airplanes of the BA fleet. In 1997 they involved the new plans for tail-blade craftsmanship including numerous ethnic plans, this workmanship on the planes turned into an issue of much debate however you could always tell which planes in an air terminal belonged to the BA fleet. Albeit various plans enhanced the fleet the Concorde only utilized the Chatham Dockyard Union Flag, 1999 BA had roughly 170 airplanes with the tail-blade workmanship, and CEO Bounce Ayling announced that the rest of the fleet who take on a variation of the Concorde plan the Union flag. In 2001 the new CEO Rod Eddington announced that all the fleet would sport the new Union flag livery.


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