What India imports from Germany?

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      India imports a variety of goods from Germany. Some of the key items that India imports from Germany include:

      Machinery and Equipment: India imports a significant amount of machinery and equipment from Germany, including industrial machinery, machine tools, power generating machinery, and specialized machinery for various sectors.
      Automobiles and Automotive Components: Germany Import Data is well-known for its automotive industry, and India imports automobiles and automotive components such as engines, parts, and accessories from German manufacturers.
      Electrical and Electronic Equipment: India imports electrical and electronic equipment from Germany, including electrical machinery, telecommunications equipment, electronic components, and consumer electronics.
      Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: Germany is a major exporter of chemicals and pharmaceutical products to India. These imports include industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical formulations, laboratory reagents, and specialized chemicals.
      Precision Instruments: India imports precision instruments from Germany, including measuring instruments, optical instruments, scientific instruments, and medical devices.
      Metals and Metal Products: Germany is a source of imports for metals and metal products, such as iron and steel, aluminum, copper, and various metal components.
      Plastics and Rubber Products: India imports plastics and rubber products from Germany, including plastic resins, synthetic rubber, plastic and rubber components, and finished products.
      Textiles and Apparel: Germany supplies textiles and apparel items to India, including textile fabrics, clothing accessories, and fashion products.
      Renewable Energy Technology: India imports renewable energy technology and equipment from Germany, including solar panels, wind turbines, and related components.
      Engineering Services: Along with physical goods, India also imports engineering services from German companies, such as engineering consulting, design services, and technical expertise in various sectors.
      Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and the import relationship between India and Germany covers a wide range of products and services.

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