Viral Clearance and Viral Testing Services market Trends, Analysis by 2035

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      As per report by Roots Analysis – due to the technical and operational challenges associated with the in-house viral clearance and testing procedures, players in the biopharmaceutical industry are increasingly relying on the viral clearance and testing service providers


      Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Viral Clearance and Testing Services Market, 2023 – 2035” report to its list of offerings


      The report features an extensive study on the current landscape and the likely future potential of viral clearance market, over the next decade. The study also features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various industry stakeholders engaged in this field. In addition to other elements, the study includes:


      §  A general overview of the viral clearance and testing studies, highlighting details on viral contamination in biologics and the need for viral clearance and testing.

      §  A detailed assessment of the overall market landscape of the companies offering viral clearance and testing services, based on several relevant parameters.

      §  A detailed competitiveness analysis of viral clearance and testing service providers based in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

      §  Tabulated profiles of key players based in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific that are engaged in providing services related to viral clearance and testing (shortlisted based on strength of service portfolio).

      §  An in-depth analysis of various patents that have been filed / granted for viral clearance and testing, since 2017, based on various relevant parameters.

      §  A detailed analysis of recent developments taking place in this domain.


      The financial opportunity within the viral clearance and testing services market has been analyzed across the following segments:


      §  Scale of Operation

      §  Discovery Phase

      §  Preclinical Phase

      §  Clinical Phase


      §  Method of Viral Clearance testing

      §  Viral Detection

      §  Viral Inactivation

      §  Viral Removal


      §  End-User

      §  Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies

      §  Academic / Research Institutes


      §  Key Geographical Regions

      §  North America

      §  Europe

      §  Asia-Pacific

      §  Rest of the World


      Key Companies covered in the report

      §  Charles River Laboratories

      §  Eurofins Scientific

      §  Microbac Laboratories

      §  Nelson Labs

      §  Pall Corporation

      §  Syngene International

      §  Texcell


      To view more details on this report, click on the link


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