Bacteriophage therapy market Research Report by 2023, Forecast till 2035

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      Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Bacteriophage Therapeutics Market, 2022-2035” report to its list of offerings.


      Key Market Insights

      §  Over 100 bacteriophage therapeutics have either been marketed / are being developed by various well-established and small firms; majority of these therapeutics are being evaluated for the treatment of infectious diseases

      §  Around 50% of the pipeline candidates are currently under clinical phase of development; of these, close to 50% are designed for oral and topical administration

      §  Multiple clinical studies, evaluating various types of bacteriophage therapeutics among more than 3,000 patients across different centers / hospitals, have been registered worldwide

      §  Over the years, the intellectual capital related to bacteriophage therapeutics has grown at a significant pace, with several patents being filed by both industry and non-industry players

      §  A notable increase in published scientific literature related to bacterio-phage therapeutics has been observed over the years, demonstrating the growing interest in this domain

      §  Various organizations have extended financial support to aid the ongoing research for bacteriophage therapies; currently, the focus, in terms of funds disbursed, is on clinical investigation of bacteriophage therapeutics

      §  Several investors, having realized the benefits and future opportunity, have invested over USD 1 billion since 2017

      §  The rising interest of stakeholders is also reflected by the number of partnerships signed in the recent past, involving players located in different geographical regions

      §  Our proprietary start-up health indexing analysis confirms the presence of several new entrants that claim to possess the required capabilities for developing bacteriophage therapeutics

      §  The bacteriophage market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of ~10% till 2035; the forecasted opportunity is likely to be distributed across different therapeutic areas, routes of administration, and geographical regions


      Table of Content

      1.                     PREFACE

      1.1.                  Scope of the Report

      1.2.                  Market Segmentations

      1.3.                  Research Methodology

      1.4.                  Key Questions Answered

      1.5.                  Chapter Outlines


      2.                     EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


      3.                     INTRODUCTION

      3.1.                  Chapter Overview

      3.2.                  Historical Evolution of Bacteriophages

      3.3.                  Biology of Bacteriophages

      3.4.                  Introduction to Bacteriophage Therapy

      3.5.                  Applications of Bacteriophage Therapy

      3.6.                  Advantages of Bacteriophage Therapy

      3.7.                  Limitations of Bacteriophage Therapy

      3.8.                  Conclusion



      4.1.                  Chapter Overview

      4.2.                  Bacteriophage Therapeutics: Drug Pipeline

      4.2.1.               Analysis by Phase of Development

      4.2.2.               Analysis by Therapeutic Area

      4.2.3.               Analysis by Phase of Development and Therapeutic Area

      4.2.4.               Analysis by Targeted Bacterial Strain

      4.2.5.               Analysis by Target Disease Indication

      4.2.6.               Analysis by Type of Therapy

      4.2.7.               Analysis by Route of Administration


      4.3.                  Information on Bacteriophage Related Technologies



      5.1.                  Chapter Overview

      5.2.                  Bacteriophage Therapeutics: List of Developers

      5.2.1.               Analysis by Year of Establishment

      5.2.2.               Analysis by Company Size

      5.2.3.               Analysis by Location of Headquarters

      5.2.4.               Analysis by Company Size and Location of Headquarters

      5.2.5.               Leading Developers: Analysis by Number of Bacteriophage Therapeutics


      6.                     COMPANY AND DRUG PROFILES

      6.1.                  Chapter Overview

      6.2.                  Eliava BioPreparations

      6.3.                  Micreos

      6.4.                  NPO Microgen

      6.5.                  ContraFect

      6.6.                  Adaptive Phage Therapeutics

      6.7.                  Phagelux

      6.8.                  Pherecydes Pharma


      7.                     CLINICAL TRIAL ANALYSIS

      7.1.                  Chapter Overview

      7.2.                  Scope and Methodology


      7.3.                  Bacteriophage Therapeutics Market: Clinical Trial Analysis


      8.                     PATENT ANALYSIS

      8.1.                  Chapter Overview

      8.2.                  Scope and Methodology


      8.3.                  Bacteriophage Therapeutics: Patent Analysis


      8.4.                  Bacteriophage Therapeutics: Patent Benchmarking

      8.5.                  Bacteriophage Therapeutics: Patent Valuation

      8.6.                  List of Leading Patents


      9.                     PUBLICATION BENCHMARKING ANALYSIS

      9.1.                  Chapter Overview

      9.2.                  Scope and Methodology

      9.3.                  Publication Benchmarking


      10.                   ACADEMIC GRANTS ANALYSIS

      10.1.                Chapter Overview

      10.2.                Scope and Methodology


      10.3.                Bacteriophage Therapeutics: Academic Grant Analysis


      11.                   FUNDING AND INVESTMENT ANALYSIS

      11.1.                Chapter Overview

      11.2.                Types of Funding

      11.3.                Bacteriophage Therapeutics Market: List of Funding and Investments

      11.4.                Concluding Remarks


      12.                   PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS

      12.1.                Chapter Overview

      12.2.                Partnership Models

      12.3.                Bacteriophage Therapeutics: List of Partnerships and Collaborations


      13.                   START-UP HEALTH INDEXING

      13.1.                Chapter Overview

      13.2.                Bacteriophage Therapeutics Developers: Start-ups

      13.3.                Benchmarking of Start-ups



      14.1.                Chapter Overview

      14.2.                Scope and Assumptions

      14.3.                Forecast Methodology

      14.4.                Global Bacteriophage Therapeutics Market, 2022-2035


      15.                   CONCLUSION


      16.                   EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS

      16.1.                Chapter Overview

      16.2.                Rime Bioinformatics

      16.2.1.             Company Snapshot

      16.2.2.             Interview Transcript: Antoine Culot, Chief Executive Officer


      16.3.                BiomX

      16.4.                Hospices Civils De Lyon

      16.5.                Independent Consultant


      17.                   APPENDIX I: TABULATED DATA




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